Something magical happens when we lift our voices. It’s called “change.” Throughout this campaign, members of the alliance are leveraging the media to influence narratives, opinions, and practices that affect us.

Black History Month: What if we stop denigrating and start loving?

As we celebrate Black History Month, here’s a radical idea. What if we stop denigrating Black people and start loving them? You might be thinking: What is she talking about? Who openly denigrates Black people in 2022? It turns out, … Read More

Covering Black communities with nuance and purpose

There’s a difference between covering a community from a perspective of highlighting their assets compared with their deficits. “Deficit framing defines people by the worst possible thing that ever happened to them, and that happens a lot with Black communities,” … Read More

Network of 300 Black Leaders and OneUnited Bank Calls for Black People to Live Own Vote and Excel (L.O.V.E.)

In celebration of Juneteenth (Freedom Day), BMe Community, OneUnited Bank, and a vanguard of 300 Black leaders are urging organizations, community leaders, and citizens to formally declare their support for Black people to Live, Own, Vote and Excel in America. … Read More

OneUnited Bank America’s Largest Black Owned Bank Supports Blackout Day 2020

Los Angeles, CA – June 8, 2020 – OneUnited Bank, the largest Black owned bank in the country, is proud to support #BlackOutDay2020, a national financial movement happening on Tuesday, July 7, 2020. The movement recognizes the need for economic … Read More

Miami doctor tests homeless for coronavirus while volunteers deliver food, clothes

On the sidewalk under an I-95 overpass in Overtown, Barry Alston flinched as a doctor pushed a swab far up his nostril. Alston did not feel sick Friday, but the 58-year-old homeless man was trying to prove a point to … Read More

Highlights of the Coronavirus Federal Stimulus Bill for Community Partners

The $2.2 trillion stimulus package – S. 3548 The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act – passed in the Senate on Wednesday, March 25th and will be voted on by the House on Friday, March 27th.  The bill contains measures … Read More

Tips for maintaining mental well-being during COVID-19 Crisis

How do we protect loved ones, community and self? Here are a few tips. Loved ones Help loved ones adjust to the change. Discuss health, wellbeing, washing hands, etc. Anxiety can be good & bad; help to lower the anxiety … Read More

Harriet Tubman’s Economic Empowerment Legacy

The recent outrage over the OneUnited Bank limited-edition Harriet Tubman Card is an important opportunity for a conversation. Yes, art at its best evokes passionate emotions, which we respect. However, in celebration of Harriet Tubman Day, March 10, we would like to … Read More

MLK Day 2020: Defining the Next Narrative for Black America

“Freedom is experienced as deliberation, decision and responsibility.” —Martin Luther King Jr. It’s time for black leaders to end our Stepin Fetchit approach to racial equity. Overemphasizing our failings has unified friend and foe in defining black people by poverty, pathology, and … Read More

The Largest Black-Owned Bank Teams Up With BMe Community To Close The Racial Wealth Gap

Last week, the trailer for The Banker was released, which is a film that tells the story of one of the first Black banks in America in the 1950-60s. Over fifty years later, OneUnited Bank is the largest Black-owned bank in America … Read More

BMe Uniting Black Veterans For Love & Power To The People

Patriotism. Veteran. Service. What comes to mind when you hear these words? With a quick Google search of the word “veteran,” the image that seems to become redundant and often engrained in the minds of most is not that of … Read More

The Deficit Framing of Black Entrepreneurship in Foundations, Corporations, and Media

On a daily basis we are bombarded with negative news and alarming statistics about Black individuals and communities. The negative representation of Black people is well documented, and reverberates through the representation of Black entrepreneurs.  Too often, governments and leading … Read More

D.C. Full of Young Nipseys Eager to Innovate and Dismantle Injustice

When Nipsey Hussle (born Ermias Asghedom) passed, the world lost something special. We lost our brother. Our community lost a revolutionary thinker. The world lost an innovator. The murder of Nipsey shook the hip-hop world and community. His sudden and … Read More

The traditional mental health system is failing the black community

African-Americans need better access to mental health facilities and practitioners who understand the black experience According to the 2019 State of Mental Health in America Report published by Mental Health America, Pennsylvania has a relatively low prevalence of mental illness … Read More

It’s time we listen to words of Frederick Douglass

Despite what you may have heard, abolitionist and statesman Frederick Douglass died in 1895. Still, the racial America Douglass exhorted to live up to its ideals languishes, particularly though the lens of a Rochester, NY speech he gave 167 years … Read More

Military spends more on Viagra than on transgender recruits. So why ban trans?

The transgender community is under attack by the federal government, and President Trump is leading the charge. On June 14, a federal appeals court ordered a judge to reconsider her ruling against Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from the military. The … Read More

‘You Can’t Lift People Up by Putting Them Down’: How to Talk About Tough Issues of Race, Poverty, and More

Have you noticed that social-impact organizations working with black people often describe them in language that is so offensive that we wouldn’t dare use it to their faces? The “at-risk, low-income, minorities in high-crime, high-poverty, disadvantaged communities whom we seek … Read More

Delaware student’s quest to memorialize a lynching is inspiring

Rhonda Bryant is a national advocate for racial equity. Howard Stevenson is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. They lead an initiative called Forward Promise, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. On June 23, a historical … Read More

Why Louisville should invest in dads, not try to criminalize them

As a university professor, I am sometimes contacted by our public relations department with opportunities to speak about my research or to offer an opinion on a topic for which I’ve been deemed to have some expertise. Given my interest … Read More

The Challenge of Negotiating Race in Cross-Sector Spaces

We must take on the difficult work of accounting for race and racism in our collective change-making endeavors or face the risk of failing to undo systemic inequities. In 2016, when I started researching the successes and failures of cross-sector partnerships like My … Read More

OPINION: ‘Punitive discipline makes school feel like a prison, not a community’

Four ways to stop undermining education and educators During horseplay with friends, a young man — a high school student — had shoved an elderly woman. Now, he risked suspension. I was working in the student’s school as a staff … Read More