Covering Black communities with nuance and purpose

There’s a difference between covering a community from a perspective of highlighting their assets compared with their deficits. “Deficit framing defines people by the worst possible thing that ever happened to them, and that happens a lot with Black communities,” … Read More

Harriet Tubman’s Economic Empowerment Legacy

The recent outrage over the OneUnited Bank limited-edition Harriet Tubman Card is an important opportunity for a conversation. Yes, art at its best evokes passionate emotions, which we respect. However, in celebration of Harriet Tubman Day, March 10, we would like to … Read More

MLK Day 2020: Defining the Next Narrative for Black America

“Freedom is experienced as deliberation, decision and responsibility.” —Martin Luther King Jr. It’s time for black leaders to end our Stepin Fetchit approach to racial equity. Overemphasizing our failings has unified friend and foe in defining black people by poverty, pathology, and … Read More

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