The Black L.O.V.E. Fund supplies pivotal funding to initiatives that improve Black people’s abilities to Live, Own, Vote and Excel in America.

Pivotal funding means funding that makes a difference in one of three ways. It either completes an initiative, is the vital seed funding for an extraordinary leader, or is the key growth funding for a powerful initiative to scale.

Live, Own, Vote and Excel means:

  • Live. Improve Black mental, physical and spiritual health, and celebrate accomplishments throughout the Black diaspora.
  • Own. Increase Black financial literacy, asset-ownership, and creation of generational wealth.
  • Vote. Remove barriers to voting, end corrupt policing and turnout the Black vote and census.
  • Excel. Amplify narratives that make it impossible to ignore Black excellence.

Funding preference will be given to Black-run organizations at local, state and national level. While we recognize that you don’t have to be Black-run to support Black freedoms, no grants will be made to any organization that doesn’t employ Black people in senior management roles because we know that those who truly believe in racial equity also practice it.

All funds are deposited at Black-owned OneUnited Bank because they are 20-times more likely to provide property loans to Black people than are traditional banks; so depositing with them increases Black asset-ownership at no cost or risk to the donor.

For ex. a $1,000 donation will have this many effects:

  • It will be applied to either topping off a campaign, scaling one, or giving a promising initiative it’s first seed funding.
  • It will be deposited at a bank that will leverage it into $2,500 worth of loans in a deserving black community.
  • It will only go to organizations that are committed to building Black L.O.V.E.
  • It will only go to organizations employ Black people in their senior leadership.

That’s $3,500 of benefit from a $1,000 donation. All grant recipients are part of the movement for Black L.O.V.E.

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