The Next Narrative for Black America allows "we the Black People" to declare independence from deeply stigmatized attitudes about who we are as a people, and to L.O.V.E. ourselves and control our narrative.

Help us spread Black LOVE in 2020! Here's how:

  • Download the sign(s) and print it out on regular letter size paper.
  • Take a photo or video with the sign. Be sure to use a nice a bright area for the best photo. See example above.
  • Post the photo(s) to Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook and tag @BMeCommunity. Be sure to tell your connection to the statement and it's meaning in your caption.
  • Use the hashtags #NextNarrative and #BlackLove

More Tips:

  • Preferred post time is in the evening.
  • Be sure your page isn't set to private or you will need to send us the image to post it -
  • We appreciate and love you for the work that you do to change the narrative about Black America. Learn more about the Black LOVE Agenda.

    Love & Power,
    Team BMe

Download Kit