Benjamin Carlton

Benjamin is an author, activist, actor and minister of love. He studied communications and business and received his Master of Business Administration from the historic Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University before moving to Miami to pursue his career in accounting. While in Miami he co-founded the iconic BMe Community, a national movement of community builders that are led and inspired by Black men. BMe Community was founded on the principals of valuing all members of the human family, recognizing black males as assets, and building more caring and prosperous communities together.

Under his leadership, BMe has served over 10-million families, and has influenced national policy, and committed millions of dollars to local community leaders around the nation. Benjamin has committed his life to building caring and prosperous communities across America with the mission of transforming tomorrow’s future today!
After college he transitioned to Miami where he began a career in risk assurance and auditing at Pricewaterhousecoopers LLC (PwC). After departing PwC, Benjamin served as marketing and brand director for SecuriGlobe where he led marketing and social media efforts in the U.S and Canadian markets. Benjamin is a native of Philadelphia, PA.
Benjamin recently took the internet by storm when he came out in a riveting article on “I’m Black, I’m a Minister and I’m Gay.” His pioneering work in community building earned him a Miami Fellows Fellowship with the Miami Foundation, AT&T Emerging Leaders Fellowship and BMe’s New Future Fellowship.