Richard Murray

Richard A. Murray is a Client Advisor at the New York office of Bernstein Private Wealth Management, primarily working with innovative next-gen clients and their global families. He advises both US and international high-net-worth individuals, businesses, endowments, and foundations. Driven by a passion for financial literacy and socially responsible investing, to promote equity for all, Richard specializes in growing multigenerational wealth through customized investment planning. He is keenly skilled in asset allocation, building teams of professional advisors (accountants, attorneys, agents, etc.), and translating complex financial jargon into plain English. Richard regularly hosts private experiences for centers of influence and business partners to collaborate on topical matters.

Prior to joining AB in 2013, Richard launched his career at Goldman Sachs in 2008. With a BS in finance and management from NYU Stern, he’s an active member of AB Black ERG; NYU Stern EMT and Finance Alumni Committees; Breakout, a community that champions changemakers across America; and NEXUS, a global community connecting next-gen wealth holders (philanthropists and impact investors) with social entrepreneurs to bring about the most promising solutions across the world. Richard serves as an advisory board member of Gambit Ventures, which focuses exclusively on early-stage companies generating unique data assets.