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Why Louisville should invest in dads, not try to criminalize them

As a university professor, I am sometimes contacted by our public relations department with opportunities to speak about my research or to offer an opinion on a topic for which I’ve been deemed to have some expertise. Given my interest and research on paternal involvement, Father’s Day is usually peak season for media requests.

Therefore, around this time last year, it came as no surprise when I was asked to provide my perspective on an event hosted by a group of local barbers that featured a group of men discussing fatherhood and the role that it plays in community development.

However, two months after I was interviewed, the story still had not appeared in print. When I followed up with the reporter, I was told that the editor had not run the story and needed to be convinced that it was worthwhile before giving it the green light.

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Armon Perry
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Armon R. Perry, Ph.D., MSW is a Professor and Director of the BSW Program at the University of Louisville’s Kent School of Social Work. Dr. Perry teaches Introduction to Social Work. Dr. Perry’s Research interests include fathers’ involvement in the lives of their children, leading him to co-edit, Fatherhood in America: Social Work Perspectives in a Changing Society, a comprehensive edited volume addressing the micro and macro factors shaping paternal involvement. Currently, Dr. Perry serves as the Principal Investigator of the 4 Your Child Program, a federally funded multi-site project that aims to increase non-resident fathers’ capacity for paternal involvement. In addition to his teaching and Research, Dr. Perry has professional experience in the areas of child protective services and as a parent education curriculum facilitator.

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